We use a unique strategy to promote our clients’ business. We don’t subscribe to the mantra that any publicity is good publicity. We believe in making every story count. We listen. We study your long-term goals and mission to identify the driving force that will power each and every tool we use to increase your presence, improve your branding and grow your business.

Our Areas of Expertise

Are you in the public eye and new to the area or in need of a reputation resuscitation? We handle public relations for individuals who need someone to alleviate the stresses and rigor of leadership and the spotlight. Looking to improve your image or branding? Do you need someone to help with communications, promotions, coordination/planning of appearances at events, fundraisers, campaigns or other community relations strategies? Well, we’re that someone. From little matters to huge galas, our team will work with you to make sure you have the support you need to succeed.

If you have a small business, you don’t need a PR campaign targeted at potential customers in New York or Louisiana. You need a PR campaign or community relations plan to reach the people in your own backyard. Doing so requires strategies that will prompt consumers to take action. Rather than spending the majority of your budget on advertisements, we can help you develop a public relations strategy that will:

  • engage your target audience
  • capture their attention and
  • enlist them to take action

…at a price that fits your budget.

A medical practice doesn’t just sell a product. It sells health. Well-being. That’s not a small matter.

Maybe you have a new product or technology that needs promoting. Or maybe you’re looking for a team to manage your practice’s communications with partners, patients, colleagues, stakeholders or policymakers. We are here for you. Our team is skilled in helping you:

    • clarify and promote your practice’s message/position
    • raise product/research awareness among patients/clinicians
    • build partnerships with your community
    • acquire support from advocacy/legislative groups

Our team knows exactly what is required to take your non-profit to the next level. Too often non-profits feel they have to rely on pro-bono work, which can result in less than satisfactory results.  We feel non-profits deserve excellence, just as any company we work with does, which is why we offer affordable services and work with our non-profit clients to create a successful organization.

Organizations often plan or host events to help build awareness of themselves or their sponsors. Event planning is more than decor and great food. It is thinking through your goals. And it’s applicable to meetings, corporate events, fundraising galas, conferences, conventions, incentives, parties, open houses, and other special events. Event planning involves initial planning and budgeting, organization and timing, location selection and preparation, transportation, guest arrival, refreshments, and more. Poorly planned events not only waste money but also time. The success or failure of an event will reflect on the organization. Well-thought, strategic planning is the key to a successful event. 

You already have a great product or service and a stellar team, but you need someone with a megaphone to help you spread the word. Well, we’re your megaphone. A very strategic one. We’re your PR firm. We start at the foundation of your business to analyze what works, what doesn’t and what still needs to be built to make your foundation as strong as possible. From there, we listen to you about your goals, your mission and what you want to accomplish. Then we take action. By using our media relationships and creative strategies, we help you tell your story to engage your target audience.

“Primary to any PR effort is media relations. VPR consults with clients to improve their media exposure and credibility by establishing their organization as a resource to the internet, television, radio and print media.” 

Spire ManagementAssociations, like small business, are incorporated entities that are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. This board makes decisions about how to spend the association’s money in order to promote their cause. However, volunteers often do not have the time or expertise to plan board meetings, keep financial records and plan membership meetings. Many smaller associations cannot afford the best technology and expertise. To alleviate this issue, they seek the assistance of association management companies to manage the administration duties, freeing the volunteers to concentrate on larger issues. For over 40 years, we have professionally managed associations.

“Volunteer organizations have unique needs. By using the services of an association management company, associations function at a higher level. They can maintain continuity from year-to-year and president-to-president. A well-managed association can accomplish its goals quicker and offer its members the greatest value for their dues.”

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Fred VanNatta speaking at Capitol

      • Governmental affairs
      • Public policy consulting
      • Candidate consulting
      • Material design

Every year laws and regulations are created that can significantly affect an organization. VPR helps groups build solid relationships with political decision-makers so they have a voice in the process.

Understanding the political process and comprehending how decisions are made is the backbone of governmental relations. An organization can benefit greatly from monitoring and educating members on the political process. Laws, rules and regulations are constantly being considered that may affect your organization in a positive or negative way.

Associations need an advocate who understands their issues and the process. VanNatta Public Relations has one of the finest reputations for effective lobbying in the Northwest.

Additional Services

VPR also offers a variety of additional advertising, communications, events, marketing, media and consulting services.

      • Advertising campaign concept and design
      • Logo and identity development
      • Writing and editing
      • Presentation materials
      • Graphic assembly
      • Print and direct mail coordination
      • Crisis communication plans 
      • Custom built databases
      • Maintenance of membership data 
      • Budgeting for non-profits and associations
      • Cost accounting
      • Bookkeeping
      • Internal controls consulting  
      • Conference and seminar management and staffing
      • Special event management and staffing
      • Open houses
      • Grand openings
      • Sponsorship development
      • Budgeting   
      • Marketing plans and audits
      • Market research and analysis
      • Surveys and focus groups
      • Branding  
    • Spokesperson training
    • Press releases
    • Press conference planning
    • Video and audio news releases