PR Consultation

Do you want to talk through your issues BEFORE you spend a lot of money on marketing or advertising services?

Do you have a confidential issue that could result in a crisis if not handled properly?


We’ve heard hundreds of clients’ stories and we know our community well.  A public relations problem or challenge is not the time to experiment.  Get good, solid advice first before you invest thousands in strategies that don’t work or risk your reputation.

Services Details

The first step is to call our office and we can qualify your issue over the phone to determine whether your issue is an immediate crisis or a problem that was been brewing for a long time. Then, you can schedule an hourly consultation with fees quoted before you arrive. Similar to an attorney, your consultation will give you time to explain your problem and we can discuss possible outcomes. Most consultations take approximately 1.5 hours or less.

During your consultation, we can provide valuable input. You may find that is all you need or you may wish to come back for further conversations. Most of the time, clients want more and we can arrange to help you tackle your projects on an hourly, project based or retainer (flat monthly fee) basis. Schedule a consultation now!