Public relations

You’re faced with a challenge. You need more clients or customers, you are the “best kept secret” in town or you have a problem brewing that could affect your reputation. Where do you go?

Public Relations is about improving the relationships between you and everyone you work with including employees, vendors, customers, public officials and the community at large. We believe that is the secret to long term success and stability.

Marketing, advertising, social media are tools we use. There is a plan. It takes time, but it works.

How do we work with you?

Working with us is simpler than you may think. We work hourly, by project or by retainer (which is a flat monthly fee with a contract that generally lasts one to three years or more). Here’s three examples of how some clients have worked with us. The rates quoted are just an estimate of the average fees clients pay. Your scenario may be different.

Scenario 1: A retail business needs to amp up its sales. They struggle with social media. They have a good customer base, but feel like the “best kept secret” in town.

How VPR helped:  After a few consultations we created a plan that composed of strengthening their community engagement and social media.  We did customer services trainings with the staff and improved the website for a better visitor experience.  We pitched stories to the local media and assisted in advertising purchases.  AVERAGE MONTHLY RETAINER:  $1500-$3000/mo. for one year or more.

Scenario 2: An new event came into town and needed to connect with potential sponsors, generate buzz and attendance.

How VPR helped: After a consultation we created a plan for earned media (not paid advertising) as well as on-the-ground marketing person-to-person. Unique stories were pitched to the media. PROJECT FEE: $3000-$5000.

Scenario 3: A well-known business found out their bookkeeper had been embezzeling money from the company as well as was careless with customer data. This will surely come out in the newspaper soon.

How VPR helped: After a consultation, talking points were created for the owner and a meeting was scheduled to fully brief the other employees and customers on the situation. Using a proactive approach, the company was ready for media questions and the damage to their reputation minimized. HOURLY FEE (varies depending upon the severity of the issue) $500 and up.

Working with us is easy. Set up a 15 minute phone consultation today.