What did you want to be when you grew up? Was it traditional like a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, or police officer? Maybe, but the dreams of today have changed. Young people today crave jobs that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

A YouGov.com poll conducted in Dec. 2021 asked 3,670 teenagers (ages 13-17) to choose a “dream job.” The top ten most popular on the list were:

  • Vlogger (Video Blogger/YouTuber/Professional streamer (9%),
  • Doctor/Nurse (8%),
  • Professional Athlete (7%)
  • Musician (7%),
  • Actor/Actress (7%),
  • Artist (7%),
  • Entrepreneur (4%),
  • Lawyer (4%),
  • Esports star/Professional gamer (3%) and
  • Veterinarian (3%).

What is this saying? These aspirational jobs all hold a sort of specialness – high esteem, individualistic and creative elements. If this is a growing trend, here are ways you can consider adding these features to attract younger workers:

  • Make jobs more flexible, WFH (work from home) options.
  • Add creative elements to your business (updated branding, social media)
  • Increase “specialness” by directly recruiting at job fairs or providing job shadows/internships
  • Develop programs/processes that make honor employees unique talents
  • Improve safety conditions and offer competitive pay and high-value benefits
  • Provide high quality (fast) computers
  • Seek opinions from younger workers.

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